Michelle Fussner

Operations Manager
Michelle Fussner

Michelle Fussner leads a team of analysts and is responsible for identifying and analyzing third-party reimbursement opportunities using Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions (HRS) proprietary databases tools. Leveraging this data, along with data provided by hospitals, Michelle has delivered more than $500M in total reimbursement to hospital and health system clients across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Michelle also serves an essential role in acquiring data from HRS client hospitals. She has built robust systems and processes around data acquisition. The HRS technology team assists her in ensuring HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption via secure data transfer tools.

Michelle brings more than 20 years of diverse experience working in highly regulated industries, including healthcare, government, and engineering. With a background in accounting and reimbursement, Michelle’s focus is on quantifying and evaluating reimbursement opportunities within the complex regulatory framework of government policies and rules.

Before HRS, Michelle led a government payer team at a national healthcare payment consultancy developing strategic and financial business cases, defining processes and product offerings, and supporting hundreds of hospitals with their government reimbursement programs.

Michelle is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Associates (HFMA).