Traci Alberts

Business Development Manager
Traci Alberts

Traci Alberts has been assisting Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions (HRS) clients in her Business Development Associate role since 2015.

Traci cultivated relationships with more than 1,000 hospitals and health systems, ranging from small-rural hospitals and clinics to large-urban health centers. She brings diverse expertise in Medicare and Tricare Reimbursement issues ranging from Tricare Capital and Direct Medical Education reimbursement to Medicare Volume Decrease (VDA) payments.

Traci has a strong understanding of government reimbursement and was responsible for identifying more than $40M of payments available to hospital providers from the Tricare program. To date, HRS has successfully recovered $5M on behalf of its hospital and health system clients.

Before HRS, Traci led her region in business development at Premier Healthcare LLC, a leading provider of Tricare reimbursement services and Medicare Capitation audits. Premier Healthcare assisted more than 4,000 hospitals and health systems with their government payer reimbursement before being purchased by QuadraMed.

Traci spent several years working in a hospital setting, having completed a degree in Sonography. While fulfilling her externship, Traci co-developed and participated in disaster planning and preparedness drills at Mission Hospital, the 815-bed flagship hospital owned and operated by Mission Health. She also ensured necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) were available, and adherence to OSHA guidelines.

Traci is a member of Healthcare Financial Management Associates (HFMA) and the International Association of Women (IAW).

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